23 . vegan . chump.


—Why I Like The Robins

She’s got colors to spare and I don’t care what they choose

And I’ve got nothing to do and nothing like you left to lose

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Late night hangs haven’t been better

Late night hangs haven’t been better

King Krule

—Baby Blue


nothing to say,
but stay here for a little while,
baby blue, if you knew

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Zero Point Energy

Zero Point Energy

Organics in standstill

The honest truth behind beauty is that it is truely unbearable to watch be destroyed.
The d Even wolves don’t step on flowers estruction of beauty will only hurt like thorns on a rose.
Nobody wants to watch the flowers wilt away but they always will.
Evil is only the idea of what is willing to destroy the other side of thought. The beauty.
Resisting the evil within each of our own perspectives is the act of trying to slit our throats with sharpened olive branches


Oathbreaker - “Glimpse Of The Unseen”

Spent a few days last week hanging out and playing some shows with this band on their first full u.s. tour. Unbelievably talented, surprisingly hilarious, and probably some of the best people i’ve met through music so far. They deserve all the success coming their way.